The SPG-9 recoilless gun is a powerful weapon used by infantry, marine, mechanized, and assault units. This gun is designed to destroy tanks, self-propelled artillery of all types, and other armored enemy vehicles. Moreover, the SPG-9 can be used to suppress enemy troops and fire support located in field-type shelters or light urban structures.Although primarily a thermal scope for the grenade launcher, the TGP-9 640 can be quickly readjusted and fully utilized with any firearm that matches its specifications, typically sniper rifles.

Smart optics Obsidian Technology New Thermal sensor

The new combined aiming grid of the TGP-9 640 impresses with its shooting capabilities at range, ease of targeting, and accounting for necessary adjustments. It remains familiar to all grenade launcher operators in its functionality and general characteristics, as it retains all the effective main properties of the standard optical sight PGO-9: optimal magnification of 4.2x, convenient and familiar placement of marks, and overall informativeness.